FABCV Croft Teams


Director – Martin Willcox

Venue: Waverley BC club rooms, 21A Electra Avenue, Ashwood (Melway 61A11)

Event: The Croft teams is the annual event run by the FABCV, providing a forum for newer players to gain experience in inter-club play. Clubs are invited to send up to 4 teams. The event will determine an overall winner, and the best-performed club/region based on the performances of the best 3 teams of the club/region. Clubs sending less than 4 teams will be grouped together in 4’s. We shall ensure teams from the same club/region do not meet as far as possible. Note also that the event will be on a strictly first-come first-served basis up to a limit of 40 teams, with a maximum of 4 teams from any one club/regional grouping.

Each club may send up to four teams. Teams must display a balance of experience. For a Grand Master in a team there must be a player below National Master. For each Silver Life Master in a team there must be a player below Life Master. There must be no more than 1 Grand Master nor more than 2 Silver Life Masters (or above) in a team. Note that there has been some abuse of these stipulations over the last few years, and any team not conforming with them will be refused entry.

SYSTEMS. Systems employing Highly Unusual methods, or making excessive use of relays, as well as those of which a main feature is transfer opening bids or responses, at any level, are not permitted in this event. Use of unanchored multi bids at any level is not allowed.

Sessions: 10.00am – 1.00pm, 2.30pm – 5.30pm.

Fee: $80 for metropolitan clubs, $40 per team for clubs which are in the Northern, Eastern or Western regions for GNOT heats.

Lunch: Please note that lunch will NOT be provided. There is a number of food venues within easy driving distance.

Entries: Please enter teams via the bridgeunlimited.com web site, through the “upcoming events” link, when this becomes available. Alternatively, email team details to fabcv@bridgeunlimited.com

Trophies: If your club holds any of the trophies awarded for the event, please ensure it is returned on the day of the event.